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嘗鮮價 3,000 NTD/次 (約1.0小時)
原價 6,000 NTD/次 (約1.0小時)


"Why do you come back to Taiwan?” - this is the most common question I encountered after I returned home from Silicon Valley. 

As shocking as it could be for many people, I feel great coming home, especially with respect to jobs. Initially, it is common to have a huge pay cut, typically 1/3 of the compensation that one gets in USA, but with your experience abroad and language advantage, your salary may quickly raise to the previous standard. Considering 35%+ tax in USA, you may actually save more money in Taiwan, resulting in an increase of pocket depth!

For those currently living in USA, if you are planning to come back to Taiwan but are afraid that your compensation will reduce significantly, please feel free to talk to me. I was once in your position thus can definitely help you out!  

嘗鮮價 3,000 NTD/次 (約1.0小時)
原價 8,000 NTD/次 (約1.0小時)

Open Source AI 101

開源軟體已是一個不可逆的趨勢,共創共享的概念更是直擊開發者的最佳理念。自發性地貢獻自己的時間和心力給開源社群,讓影響力快速地散播開來,已然成為了一股大趨勢。開源IT工具已行之有年,如專門提供開源IT的顧問公司Red Hat,於今年七月正式被IBM以$340億美金收購,開源的價值由此可見一斑。

然而,因其數量之龐大且更新速度之快——幾乎每個月都有重磅級的開源AI工具和演算法問世,擁有對Open Source AI有全盤性的了解、搜尋合適演算法、評估實施可行性等能力變得格外重要。AI的鐵三角 (資料+算力+演算法)都在快速地發展,對於中小企業來說很難同時充分掌握最新技術並成熟應用,因此AI顧問的必要性越來越高!



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